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Brandani's coffee makers: the perfect awakening!

Start the day full of energy with Brandani's coffee makers.

How do the Italians like to start their day? What makes waking up so special? A nice cup of freshly brewed coffee, that aroma in the kitchen, the warmth of a drink that wakes us up and makes us active. But not only the Italians love coffee: in fact, coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water! Breakfast is one of the most important moments for the body and for nutrition. Skipping breakfast makes us feel really hungry at lunch time and so we risk eating more and putting on weight.

Brandani's Tower Vintage coffee maker: the new arrival

Coffee at breakfast time wakes us up, makes us active and gives us the perfect dose of caffeine to stimulate the central nervous system ... careful not to exceed the recommended dose, two cups a day! Brandani's Tower Vintage coffee maker is a practical moka pot of vintage design with bright colours and an elegant wood effect handle. The Brandani coffee maker from the Tower Vintage range is lightweight, handy and functional, perfect for preparing four cups of coffee. The Brandani Tower Vintage coffee makers are available in various colours to please all tastes such as yellow, tiffany blue, green, sand, petroleum blue and magenta.

Coffee is very rich in antioxidants. It reinforces many of our cells and protects them against free radicals. It also protects us against oxidative stress, so drinking it in the morning is a healthy habit worth following. A curious fact: green coffee is richer in antioxidants, besides helping to burn fat. Worth remembering!

Brandani's Love Express coffee maker: romance at breakfast time

Did you know that coffee is a beverage very rich in antioxidants? Antioxidants protect against free radicals and strengthen many cells. Green coffee is richer in antioxidants and also burns fats. Coffee is a truly amazing drink! The coffee pot is an essential accessory in every Italian kitchen engaging all the senses with the aroma it releases. For the more romantic, Brandani has produced the Love Express coffee pot: available in two versions, 1 or 3 cups, in the colours ivory, cobalt blue and aquamarine.